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 Termite Treatments 

Shield conducts a "perimeter plus soil treatment". All termite treatments are backed with a 1 year transferable warranty, and are renewable annually.

General Pest

Shield Termite & Pest Control protects your loved ones and home through the general pest treatments. The General Pest covers both the interior and exterior of home, this is a preventative measure from insects such as cockroaches, spiders, fleas, and other household insects. 



Wood Destroying Insect Inspection

(WDI).Professional Diagnostic Inspection on interior and exterior of residence. This inspection covers all wood destroying insects such as, termites, powder post beetles, carpenter ants, & carpenter bees.

* VA/FHA Approved Reports

Shield Termite & Pest Control has been successfully eradicating bedbugs for 7 years. Our proven methods use both approved pesticides, non-pesticides, growth regulators, steam, and the proper 14 day follow up treatment. 


rats, mice, moles, shrews or voles

Preventative Installations 

Installing vapor barriers, crawl space access and ventilation installation , screening attic vents, sealing windows, doors.