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Carpenter Ants nest in wood where termites actually eat wood
"In Ohio, the black carpenter ant, Camponotus pennsylvanicus, is the most common species (Figure 1). This ant is black, with very fine whitish or yellowish hairs on the abdomen. Minor workers of the black carpenter ant generally are about ¼ inch long and major workers are approximately ½ inch. Like other ants, carpenter ants have a constricted waist and elbowed antennae. Carpenter ants may be identified based on several characteristics, including an evenly rounded, arched thorax, when viewed from the side; one node between the thorax and abdomen; and a fringe of hairs around the anal opening at the tip of the abdomen" (OSU)
ime areas for inspection include any wooden structures where high moisture content is present, including: window and door frames, tub and well enclosure walls, kitchen and bath plumbing walls.

Shield Termite & Pest Control conducts a Wood Destroying Insect Inspection. This Evaluation will allow the licensed technician an in-depth look at your home to determine whether carpenter ants are present.  

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